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The Cleveland School of Etiquette was established to help individuals develop and sharpen their personal, professional and social skills. Etiquette is about adapting and respecting different environments to make others feel comfortable.

In a world that has become significantly more casual and perplexing, it is important to remember that there are still situations and circumstances when a particular behavior and/or dress code is expected of us. Adhering to these unwritten rules of protocol is how we demonstrate that we belong!

We will always judge and be judged by our ability to abide by appropriate attire, our behavior, and our ability to make others feel comfortable.

Good manners remain timeless and never go out of style.

We are committed to training individuals and groups on the lifestyle skills necessary to be effective in society today. We offer youth and young adult, adult, and business and corporate classes. Our training programs are designed to develop an inner confidence that emanates from an individual who is prepared for any setting and thrives comfortably in all venues.

We prepare our students and clients with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct themselves with confidence, dignity, and social grace. Our corporate clients appreciate a significant advantage over their competitors and are able and qualified to take on life’s endeavors. We are a small, specialized company by design.

Corporate Etiquette Training

May 8, 2024, 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.
at the Union Club of Cleveland
1211 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44115
We will cover: What is etiquette and why is it important. We will also address Proper introductions, making a positive first impression, effective networking, packing and planning for travel, professional correspondence, appropriate dress for different environments, and dining American and European style.
Dinner will be served and parking is available.
Fee: $295

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Table Manners and Dining

Table Manners and Dining

Prepare for a formal affair or just enjoy your meals more with friends and family by learning these essential life skills.

Mind Your Manners

Mind Your Manners

Do you want to raise polite children in a rude world? It isn’t difficult once your kids master the ABC’s of good manners.

Proper Business Protocol

Proper Business Protocol

Are you ready to close more deals? Learn the do's, don’ts and best practices of business behavior and corporate protocol.

Sports/Athlete Protocol Training

Sports/Athlete Protocol Training

Addressing skills that are relevant to environments off the field or courts

Personal Assessment

Personal Assessment

Personal assessment is a one- or two-hour appraisal of skills: confidence, professionalism, and personal image.

The New Normal

The New Normal

An introduction to inter-person communication without being physically personal.

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