Why it is vital to provide personal and professional development in today’s competitive market?

Team business meeting

Because todays work force is looking for more than a job. They are looking for careers and careers that help and encourage them to grow personally and as business people. They are not looking to punch a clock in a black, navy blue or grey suit, sitting in a cubical for hours on a push-button phone watching the clock till lunchtime. They are not dreaming of the day when they might retire and be able to take a real vacation. They are vacationing while employed. They find creative ways to work remotely making time for both work and free time, previously known as “play”. They are looking for companies that provide flexibility and personal development. Opportunities to benefit from what they know and who they aspire to be. They understand that they don’t know everything but are open to training that will make them more profitable. They love personal development programs because they are vying to be viewed as skilled professionals. Here is where etiquette training comes in.

Attracting this type of talent in a highly competitive market has become more challenging than ever. Investing in protocol training allows employers to attract individuals who are drawn to cultures that promote growth ultimately benefiting both the employee and the company long term. Protocol training provides a company with the opportunity to stand out as an organization that invests in the development of the total person, not just product knowledge. Investing in life skills training improves confidence. Confidence to handle different environments with grace and ease. Whether networking, socializing or presenting, confidence in oneself significantly improves when an employee knows what is expected and is prepared.

Employees and prospective new hires see training as an added benefit to a position. Including protocol training provides opportunities to upgrade skills, prepares them for future roles and increases employee satisfaction which increases employee retention and loyalty.

Protocol training allows individuals to consider opinions, habits and skills outside their expertise and adapt without feeling like a sellout. For the more seasoned, veteran employees, it may serve as a refresher and a reminder of what is acceptable in different settings. There are very few ways to differentiate ourselves from others in the market. Many of us have similar education backgrounds, experience in the market and view the industry in the same way. Protocol training provides information that gives us choices on how to positively be view and stand out. In a world that embraces common practices, dare to be different and upgrade your game.

Colleen Harding is a certified etiquette and protocol instructor and the founder of the Cleveland School of Etiquette and Corporate Protocol. Programs and packages available for children and businesses.