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Sports/Athletic Program

Fee $500.00 per hour

Program designed to enhance social confidence and address appropriate behavior for different environments, dress and packing for travel and eating vs. dining in various situations.

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School Programs

4 week program, 1 hour per week
25 Students or less • $800 per group

1 Hour Program
25 Students or less • $250 per group

Curriculum based on needs of age group


Corporate/Zoom Training

Choice to be Excellent is available for individuals and groups.

Corporate training can be tailored to the needs of the client.
On average, 2-3 topics are covered per hour. A dining
experience is recommended if dining is included.

Custom Packages • $500 – $1,500 per hour
based on group size and curriculum

The dining portion can be included for an additional fee
or can be paid directly by the client.


“The Complete Package”

Groups of 25 or less • $5,000 per group
includes 3 hours of training, dining experience and
materials.   *Includes meal and non alcoholic beverages.



The New Normal Etiquette training

Fee based on the number of attendees.

Because our market has changed so drastically, it is important that we adapt to the “New Normal” if we are going to be successful. This may include some areas of discomfort and unfamiliarity but they are vital if we are going to stay current.

Program includes Zoom conferences, Teleconferences, proper introductions and social distance, meeting in person, how to use respect to gain the competitive edge.

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Protocol Assessment

Fee $250 per hour, plus dining expenses

Evaluation includes how polished and professional a person presents him or herself. Assessment based on topics of interest and designed to enlighten participants on what kind of an image they are presenting.

Confidence, dining skills, appropriate dress, self presentation, professionalism, ability to put others at ease and make them comfortable, likability, preparedness and successful.

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Girl Scout Programs

45 minute Class

25 Students or less • $10 per student ($150 per group minimum)

Additional travel fees may apply


Youth Summer Program

5 Day Program • 45 minutes to 1 Hour per day
curriculum based on age group
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Includes lunch or dinner on last day


“Life be so short but that there is always time for courtesy.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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