Sports/Athlete protocol training

addresses skills and behaviors

Life skills for outside of the arena

Life skills for outside of the arena

Sports/Athlete protocol training will address skills that are relevant to environments off the field or courts. Although it is rarely mentioned, how a player conducts themselves off the court is just as important as on the field. Athletes are role models. Individuals to be admired and emulated. Because some are not taught what is expected outside of the arena, mistakes and faux pas can present themselves and create a negative image for the individual and the team.

What’s included

This training addresses skills and behaviors expected to ensure a favorable impression. The setting is comfortable and conversational. My goal is to provide a forum that allows everyone to feel comfortable discussing areas of uncertainty and concern. The training concludes with the importance of thinking outside oneself when making choices about language, partying, dress code, respect for others, correspondence and conflict, and who might be watching or within ear shot.

Program designed to enhance social confidence and address appropriate behavior for different environments, dress and packing for travel and eating vs. dining in various situations.

Fee $500.00 per hour

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