Protocol in 2020

Will etiquette and having good manners be a priority in the future? It’s a great question.

Today, we are not experiencing a shortage of bad behavior. We are surrounded by it. Individuals are making poor choices and being rude on every corner. Everywhere we look, TV, Internet, Business, Dating, Socializing, Schools, Universities, etc…. It’s all around us!

What we don’t realize is that bad behavior has always had a presence in everyday life, and what we are experiencing currently, is not unique. Perhaps some of the behavior’s are a bit more bold, nervy, or extreme, but they are not new.

Here’s the good news: It’s very easy to look exceptional when everyone else looks deviant.

Some may try to be noticed by being shocking and poorly behaved. Astute individuals will view these situations as opportunities to look stellar with very little effort. Positive choices and thoughtful actions will inevitably come with favorable consequences and results.

What stands out today is politeness and polish!!!!! Individuals who respect others, environments, and themselves will always look better than those who do not. There is a confidence that comes from a person who knows what is expected and adapts accordingly. Favorable behavior puts people at ease. It makes us want to be around these individuals to see how they handle themselves.

The answer to the question is YES, there will always be a place for etiquette, but it will inevitably be reserved.

The cream will always rise to the top.

Colleen Harding is a certified etiquette and protocol instructor and the founder of the Cleveland School of Etiquette and Corporate Protocol. Programs and packages available for children and businesses.